Monday, February 28, 2011

The Waiting Game

It's March and our youngest daughter, Charlotte, is waiting to give birth to her first baby. However she is a long way away, just outside Paris in fact. So it's a time to take notice of tiny things (see below) and I even have reminder on my window ledge - a vintage Charlotte tin full of Eiffel Towers - Paris in Charlotte as opposed to Charlotte in Paris. Nothing so strange as an expectant Grandmother.
baby moccasin lou lou addict
Gorgeous little Moccasin from Lou Lou Addict in France


Marion Pannekoek said...

Happy waiting!

Unknown said...

My goodness, those citrus green shoes are so adorable! Wishing Charlotte and the new baby to be all happiness!

xo Mary Jo

paris parfait said...

I know Charlotte's ready to have the baby, just as you're ready for her to arrive. Me too! Can't wait to see the cherub and her beaming parents and grandparents! xoxox