Friday, February 25, 2011

My Re-Vamp of an Ancient Restaurant

Late last year I worked on re-vamping a restaurant in The Holly Bush an old drovers' inn in the Northumberland National Park, one of the very few that are left. It being over 300 years old it posed some challenges.
ghost furniture restaurant re-vamp
The theme I used was shadows and tricks of the eye. After all some very bloody battles took place in this region in the past when the Border Reivers and the Scots battled for what were called – debatable lands. To bring some humour to the table (so to speak)I used giant trompe l'oeil cutlery on the wall facing the entrance,
ghost furniture restaurant re-vamp
trompe l'oeil books on the stone fireplace
ghost furniture restaurant re-vamp
a collage of empty vintage picture frames were placed in a corner with shadows real and fake.
ghost furniture restaurant re-vamp

ghost furniture restaurant re-vamp
By dying an old lace tablecloth grey I made a statement at the huge centre table.
ghost furniture restaurant re-vamp
I stencilled numbers on the tables using vintage brass stencils I had found in Paris. Vivid green accents were added.
ghost furniture restaurant re-vamp
The walls were painted using our paints which we have specially mixed for us in France.
ghost furniture restaurant re-vamp
Little items of Ghost Furniture crept in and
ghost furniture restaurant re-vamp
all the furniture was found at flea markets and painted to match the walls and
ghost furniture restaurant re-vamp
upholstered in varying red, grey and black fabrics, some of which were reversible.
ghost furniture restaurant re-vamp
Reflective lettering was added to the walls just to remind people where exactly they are.
You can see more images from this re-vamp on our website Ghost Furniture.


Baker and Baker said...

So love a place with history! Great choice of colour on the walls and chairs. Nice work.

Avril said...

it all looks wonderful.

beauty comma said...

oh, great work di! the trompe l'oeil cutlery is excellent - as is the mix of real and fake shadows. and the colours and patterns are lovely. honest food sounds nice, too - i'll visit if i get to northumberland!

ps. congratulations to georgia, i understand why you're proud of her!

Unknown said...

Loving it! So fabulous and congratulations for doing getting and doing such a great job Di!

xo Mary Jo

paris parfait said...

Just gorgeous! Well done, you! When we come to visit, let's go there for dinner. xoxox

Anonymous said...

just stumbled upon your site - i love this room ! would be so nice to have a meal with friends there