Thursday, November 04, 2010

Marianne van Ooij at Studioooij

dressed for dinner Marianne van Ooij at Studioooij
Dressed for Dinner
Oh you all know by now how I love different. These pieces designed by Marianne van Ooij really do float my boat.
chair pillows Marianne van Ooij at Studioooij
Chair Pillows
carton pillows Marianne van Ooij at Studioooij
Carton Pillows


Pargy said...

I love those "package" cushions - really unique, I haven't seen anything else like them on the market! :-)

flock of tea cosy said...

I love those little side plates. Interesting and still very useable it looks like. Also like the packing sack cushions too. What a lovely eye you have!

Claire - Antique Furniture said...

Love the London Transport tea pot. It reminds me of home and catching one of the design classics of all time,the Routemaster Bus

Enzie Shahmiri said...

The plates are a cute find! :)

Unknown said...

Can you believe that I got a call today for you as E-commerce Manager of WDYBT... :-) I told them to update their data, I think 4 years later wouldn't be a bad thing.

Your bedroom will go live this Sunday so if you want to send me more pics feel free