Thursday, July 22, 2010

Stylist's Own - A Refreshing Change

stylist's own blog
Yesterday I found a link to my Ghost Furniture website that led me to Stylist's Own a blog written by Joanna Thornhill, a London based interiors stylist. Not only has she written a fabulous post about Ghost Furniture and my collaboration with Kathy Dalwood but she posts her own work (see above and how she can make unripe strawberries look good enough to eat) but she
stylist's own blog
shows you behind the scenes and how she builds the illusion. What a refreshing change. We only to often see the finished product and it seems we are like minded in this area as I am in the middle of creating a new area on my website called The Making Of.......... showing before and after images of my creations.
stylist's own blog
I doesn't stop there though as she also shows us some of the fabulous pieces she gets to work with and their origins and she takes us around the flea markets she visits to collect her props. Add Stylist's Own to your link list, I have.


vicki archer said...

Sounds very much like a blog that I would love...thank you, xv.

paris parfait said...

Hi Di - Just back from broiling hot Sevilla. Hope all is well. Will email soon; hope to see you here in September! xoxox

Tianshi Indonesia said...

hi ek is uit Indonesiƫ, nice post

Stylist's Own said...

Hi Di, thanks so much for this, you've pretty much summed up everything I wanted to achieve with the blog and hopefully now I'll have a few more readers whilst I do it (my google graph has never spiked so high!) Thanks again and hope you keep revisiting!xx