Tuesday, July 27, 2010

On My Doorstep - Kielder Water

freyas cabin kielder
Just down the road from my cottage sits Kielder Water surrounded by interactive artworks such as these. Above is Freya's Hut which sits on the opposite side of the lake to
robins hut kielder
Robin's Hut - read their story here, it's enchanting. My friend Gavin Tremble built Robin's Hut and he was asked to build something else of great importance which is again at Kielder Water.
dark skies kielder
Due to us having the darkest skies in the UK Gavin was asked to build an Observatory to house a huge telescope.
observatory kielder
Didn't he do a grand job?
A very handy friend to have as he is a carpenter and repairs all my broken pieces of Ghost Furniture.

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