Friday, July 02, 2010

OK, So You Walked All Over Us

happy 4th of july
but there's no need to hold a party every year to celebrate.
Just joking - A Very Happy 4th of July to all my American readers.


Comfy Heaven Decor- Anita said...
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Len said...

Hey! What about us Canadian readers, we had Canada Day yesterday!

Charlotta Ward said...

:) Hope you are well.
Keep on reading posts about your fab new ventures in blog land. The latest over at my dear Norwegian friend's Beauty Comma.

Have a fab weekend and enjoy the hot weather. It's all but hot here in Sydney. Am very intimate with my heater! :)

x Charlotta

Len said...

The kind and gentle Canadian in me is coming out... How could I be so rude! lol. Now, which Canadianism is appropriate here - _____________?
A. I'm sorry.
B. Excuse me.
C. I apologize.
D. All of the above!

Unknown said...

Thanks Di! I have loved that rug for such a long time, I always love seeing it! Sorry I haven't popped over sooner, I was moving my studio this week and it was nuts, but now I'm finally making the blog rounds and yours looks fabulous! Love the re-do!
xoxo Mary Jo

Lynne Rutter said...

i adore that rug. vivienne westwood, isn't it? i have a client who uses it upside down.

maraDECO said...

I love your blog

vosgesparis said...

haha funny post titel!

Theresa Cheek said...


Emma - Blue Day Designs said...

lol...well I'm Australian, so maybe you guys walked over us! I'm lovin that rug - it's awesome!