Friday, July 30, 2010

An Analogued Life - A Lesson In Simplicity

Analogue Life japan
Nobody does it like the Japanese. Their skill in keeping it simple yet functional is unsurpassed. I take my English designer's hat off to them. These gorgeous pieces are from Analogue Life.
Great News: they ship worldwide and the shipping costs are really easy to understand. If you don't go and take a look then on your head be it.
Analogue Life japan
Analogue Life japan
Analogue Life japan
Analogue Life japan
Analogue Life japan


paris parfait said...

So beautiful and yes, simple and elegant. Love the look!

Marion Pannekoek said...

Beautiful Japanese site, the wooden bekers are very special, thanks for sharing!
The new layout and details on your blog look realy nice, I love the menu on the small notes.

Jan said...

Google Translate hilarious as usual
Those fans are really nice.

Splendid Willow said...

Simple is beautiful. And add functionality to that and you will always have a winning formula.

Thank you for sharing.

Hope all is well! Miss you.


craftmatic said...

Most of the japanese does everything like that picture shown up.They practicing well what the viewpoint over of them. Gorgeous particular things that some are not to us.