Thursday, April 22, 2010

Spring In My Little Hamlet

northumberland at springtime
At this time of year I really appreciate living in a tiny hamlet in the middle of the National Park of Northumberland. I step out of my cottage onto a daffodil path,
northumberland at springtime
see new life in the fields all around me,
northumberland at springtime
some residents even come over to meet me and say hello,
northumberland at springtime
there's always one isn't there,
northumberland at springtime
new life springs up in my garden and
northumberland at springtime
sunrise gives clarity to everything around me then
northumberland at springtime
sunset changes the whole scene as if by magic. There's worse places to live.


vicki archer said...

Beautiful Di...those daffodils are always a happy sign, xv.

Jan said...

Lovely views Di - Spring has been a long time coming hasn't it ?

Mélanie said...

it seems spring is in England

beauty comma said...

oh, you lucky girl, you've got spring! we had snow this weekend. not much, just enough to get us all angry and disppointed =) but soon...
i grew up next to a farm with sheep, i loved the time of year when the lambs arrived.
wonder if the horse is shy or just aloof?

babelfish said...

Such a relaxing and beautiful place to be, lucky you.