Friday, April 23, 2010

More Milan Finds

salon del mobile milan 2010
Before I start blethering on about what I liked at Salon del Mobile in Milan let me say that you could do a lot worse than go to Designboom for a rundown, they are truly inspirational.
Now for me - I love the vintage fabric covered Beetle by Bokja Design,
salon del mobile milan 2010
the vintage furniture fixed together and draped by Martin Margiela - very Ghost Furniture
salon del mobile milan 2010
the Fornesetti Tables and
salon del mobile milan 2010
more Fornasetti tables by well Fornasetti of course.


corine said...

Holly miss Molly! I found my dream car!

paris parfait said...

Great finds! Now where is that huge mansion to put it all in...I'm thinking there should be one just to showcase all your designs and our excess (!) brocante finds! xoxox

rochambeau said...

Hi Di,
Thank you for sharing these great photos! Especially the designer "bug" and the Fornasetti tables are fab too!!

Hugs to you dear Di,

Anonymous said...

Ahhhh Your blog is wonderful, soo nice to find you! Your pictures are so inspiring and beautiful!

A footprint from

Agneta & Sweden

Anzu said...

Wow! The beetle looks amazing!