Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Never Look a Gift Horse In The Mouth

always follow bloggers links
Today I was left some lovely comments by a French blogger - Reves d'Argile. I promptly visited her site and it was beautiful, now if someone's blog is beautiful then the links to other sites will also be beautiful. I doscovered
always follow bloggers links
these fabulous balloons by Tete de Boise et Fetu de Paille,
always follow bloggers links
this beautiful shoe and console table by Les Decors en carton de Marie M and
always follow bloggers links
these intricate wireworks by De Beaux Souvenirs.
Well worth the trip methinks. So remember to always follow the links or you will never know what you are missing.
Merci Moniqu.

1 comment:

revesdargile.canalblog said...

Sincerely, I'm very "honorée" that You've a think for us, French,

Thanks, thanks so much !!

Can I put your name in my blog ????
Thanks for your answer

Have a beautiful day !!