Monday, February 08, 2010

A Night With The Stars

On Saturday evening we were invited to a 21st Birthday Party in The Village Hall. The theme was Movies and we had to go dressed as Film Icons or Film Characters. We met in the pub beforehand and I nearly had to go home and change my underwear I laughed so much.
fancy dress in tarset
Harvey and I were Bonnie & Clyde but I was mistaken most of the evening for a French Hooker. Note Inspector Clouseau in the background.
fancy dress in tarset
There were 2 Marilyn Monroes one of which had trouble all evening with his cleavage which kept riding up and out of his dress. He also won best Female Fancy Dress
fancy dress in tarset
There was a larger than life Madonna and a Nun and
fancy dress in tarset
even a World War II Pilot (the character I have forgotten).
fancy dress in tarset
The Birthday Boy, Ben, as Snatch (I think)
fancy dress in tarset
Darth Vader who was sweating like fury under that mask
fancy dress in tarset
Cruella de Vil looking more than a little cruel
fancy dress in tarset
Buzz Lightyear who's wings kept hitting people
fancy dress in tarset
A Blues Brother, just the one
fancy dress in tarset
An Audrey Hepburn of course
fancy dress in tarset
Good Bad or Ugly you decide.
fancy dress in tarset
and the winner of the best Male Fancy Dress who was a bit upset when I recognised him under all that paint.
A great night was had by all but not such a good morning after.


Mélanie A. said...

Love the topic of this birthday's party . You look fantastic

FrenchGardenHouse said...

:) And who thinks life in rural England is no fun! You look fabulous, dahling. As ever. Looks to be a smashing event. xoxo Lidy

Parisbreakfasts said...

You look like Patty from AB FAB
What a FAB party!!
Only the Brits know how to do fancy dress right.
Lucky you!!!

Enzie Shahmiri said...

LOL ~ I love costume parties and you all sure had some great one's represented!

Not to worry dear friend, I am so swamped that it's unbelievable. But then there is just so much more to enjoy when things calm down again.

Can't wait to see what you are sharing with Ghost Furniture.
Thanks for dropping by!


rochambeau said...

Thank you for taking the photos. You and Harvey look smashing as Bonnie & Clyde!! But SO many clever costumes. Madonna and the Nun. ;-) The 2 Marilyn's ~ So FUNNY!!!

I'm SO happy you have been so busy with Ghost! Truly!!!

Unknown said...

These photos cheered me up to no end--makes me wish I lived in England where everybody knows how to have a good time!!! Thank you for stopping by my blog today--sorry I've been absent lately too--just swamped with work & life, like everyone! So glad to hear Ghost Furniture is doing so well!


Jan said...

You do look a bit French there Di, but a hooker ?
Don't think I've ever been in a village hall.
Anything like this I would've remembered surely ?

Ashley said...

Great trench for the costume! Looks like a ton of fun! (My husband and I were Bonnie & Clyde this Halloween and someone thought we were from Mad Men!?

corine said...

Those are excellent costumes. You're having way to much fun!

Splendid Willow said...

Oh, how fun! I can feel the great atmosphere just looking at these images. You look fab BTW (hooker, hardly!)! And I have to say people really put some effort into their customes. What was at stake? A castle?! Fun and playful crowd. Love it! xx Mon

paris parfait said...

Ha ha! You look fabulous, dahling. Looks like a fun evening was had by all. xo

babelfish said...

This looks like a fabulously fun party, would have loved to join in!