Monday, February 08, 2010

I Wait With Baited Breath

bag by Francesca Romana Correale
I visited Facebook last night to see some pictures of my Grandchildren and this came up on my sidebar, I clicked in and found this. It's not in production yet but I LOVE it. By Francesca Romana Correale
bag by Francesca Romana Correale


Parisbreakfasts said...

what the Hell is it?
And what is baited breath?
I've never understood that expression though I've used it many times...ahem

Unknown said...

That is just fabulous! I want one too!

Kateri said...

Love your blog! And I love that bag! Truly beautiful, and i'm really not a heart girl!

One thing though...the phrase is "bated" breath. You don't want to say you have fish bait breath :P

Tommy Sollén said...

Have you seen that Romana Correale's online shop has launched? :)