Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Eating Art In Amsterdam

I was watching a travel programme last week and this restaurant in Amsterdam was featured. If I wasn't snowed in at the moment I would hop on a plane and go visit. Proef creates art you can eat.
Look at the explanations below then visit the website and see all the ideas. If you don't visit the website you will be missing a treat.
proef amsterdam
The angle poise lamps ‘cook’ the tablecloth made of dough a night before the dinner. Bowls are set up underneath. We serve hot and soggy things like soup and stew that cook the dough trough and make it soft and edible again. Guests all eat a part of the same ‘tablecloth’. After the main course the bowls are removed to reveal a next layer of tablecloth made of pink sugar dough. On top of this we serve caramelised fruits and nuts to eat with your tablecloth.
proef amsterdam
proef amsterdam
In Rotterdam’s ‘Kunsthal’, where guests could kiss their moustaches, lick our walls, sip our chocolate milk, sniff our cocoa-cloud, get a tattoo and eat a sausage sandwich…
proef amsterdam


http://afancifultwist.typepad.com said...

That sounds perfect!!!!!!

Edible art, yumm!

Happy New Year Miss Di!! Lots of love your way!!

Ulla said...

This is wonderful!!! Brings a whole new meaning to fun at mealtimes!

babelfish said...

wonderful and fun idea.