Friday, January 08, 2010

At Last Paris Parfait Has An Etsy Shop

paris parfait at etsy
Wirework basket and wine glasses

I am so excited I could pee myself. My lovely friend Tara of Paris Parfait fame has opened an Etsy Shop. Now I can testify that her French and British vintage treasures are AMAZING. I know this as I have seen them in the flesh and have also been the very grateful recipient of more than my fair share of them. The women has impeccable taste and can spot a treasure at a hundred paces. I know this as I have been antique hunting in Paris with her on many an occasion.
Anyway don't hang around here go and see for yourselves.
paris parfait at etsy
Pair of French bronze angel wings
paris parfait at etsy
Vintage French price tag
paris parfait at etsy
Victorian ironstone pitcher
paris parfait at etsy
Editor's blotter
paris parfait at etsy
Early 19th century framed french paper cut


studioJudith said...

That Tara is full of talent
and surprises!
Thanks for the tip off about her shop-


paris parfait said...

Thanks for the lovely mention, Di. Always a pleasure to shop with you! xoxox

Enzie Shahmiri ~ Portrait Artist said...

Love the French paper cut! I hearted her right away on Etsy!

Unknown said...

Such beautiful stuff! I will be clicking over shortly. Hope you have a great weekend Di!


Gill said...

Way to go Tara for opening a shop! Now we can all benefit from the hard work you put in.
Di thank you for dropping off birthday greetings...I appreciate it.
Enjoy the weekend. xo

Fran said...

Hi, I have just stumbled across your blog and I had to tell you how wonderful it is. We are renovating a barge to live on and your pictures provide such inspiration. Keep up the good work. From a new avid follower, Fran

suzanne said...

Bonne année !

Parisbreakfasts said...

WOW Super FAB!!!
must rush over for a look!
Am I too late?

Noel Solomon said...

I'm so excited! She has quite the eye. Those wings are amazing!!


babelfish said...

stunning, great eye for beauty.

Susan said...

Curiously charming stuff. Love the prayer font!