Tuesday, December 22, 2009

It's Bloody Freezing Here

cashmere by lily stone london
I am snowed in here. The Snow Plough came down the road today but scooped up ZILCH. I have rung the Council and complained and await a call back.
I decided to post gorgeous, cosy images of these fabulous cashmere pieces by Lily Stone in London. I don't think I will be sitting on the step in my underwear, leg warmers, wrist warmers and hat any time soon though.
cashmere by lily stone london
cashmere by lily stone london
cashmere by lily stone london
cashmere by lily stone london


Denise Kiggan said...

Hope you are soon set free! Here in a steaming hot South Africa, we have heard about the White Christmas that seems to be imminent for you guys! Hope it is a lovely one. Thanks for another year full of inspiration. It is always fun to visit Designers Block!

Jan said...

Oh it really sucks for you when it snows doesn't it Di ?
It's grim here too.
I'm hoping for an early thaw !

Parisbreakfasts said...

All very well and good, but I wonder if cashmere really does the job? Right now I could use a whole sheep draped over my shoulders it's that cold in my little studio.
Icicles on my pillow..is that how the song goes..
I shall go out and join Oliver T. with cup in hand...ahem

Nigel said...

Surf Town, New South Wales for the best in feasting, fun and frolicking in the the spirit of yuletide! All welcome, even jordies (smiles).

stencil helen said...

Enjoying deep, deep Northumberland snow. Just built an igloo and am now frozen! Wish I had the long drapey robe and cashmere pyjamas to loll about it.
Love to you all for 2010

Mélanie said...

wonderful collection.