Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Those Boots Were Made For Walking - A Day Around Paris

First things first - the boots were comfort personified (see previous post)
the eiffel tower from the seine paris
Harvey, Charlotte, me and our friends Annie and Gavin did the Paris thing the other day and the sun shone on us.
a stylish parisian bike and us
There we are reflected in a window. I thought this bike so stylish I just had to get a picture.
eyes on the seine paris
We jumped on a boat and sailed away, eyes stared at us from across the Seine - spooky
notre dame from the river
Notre Dame never fails to please and this time we went inside where a young girl with the voice of an angel was singing.
going to heaven notre dame paris
Something new catches your eye every time you look up. Obviously the Apostles had a head for heights. Supposedly they are climbing up to heaven, someone should tell them they are already there.
ice bag
Lunch is a must and in The Marais we were given our bottle or Rose Wine in a plastic bag. Actually it's an Ice Bag - good idea.
the petite palace paris
A stroll to the bottom of the Champs Elysee took us past The Petite Palace, imagine what the big one looks like. No wonder they had a revolution.
mural over the seine paris
The police were recruiting in a big way, big enough to make a trompe l'oeil mural along The Seine.
the fiat merci paris
When you are with men you aren't allowed to pop into every shop you see but they both actually enjoyed Merci. The famous Fiat was minimalist this time with just a child popping out of the sunroof.
florist shop at merci paris
The florist shop made me want to apply for a job.
claire basler at merci paris
Claire Basler's work was on display and I loved how this young girl chose her scarf to match the artworks. They are even better in real life.

harvey and the strange japanese lady merci paris
Harvey came across a strange Japanese lady in the courtyard, see how he was avoiding eye contact?
magazines in merci paris
A great idea for storing your magazines which you could always rest your coffee on.
styling at merci paris
A brilliant piece of styling, the sort of styling Merci make look effortless.
stylish sofa and woman merci paris
How did I do that? She strolled across the photograph and seemed to say it all.
weird headress merci paris
If you don't want to be recognised then how about this for a disguise.
Tomorrow I will show you my Brocante finds - a day rummaging around rubbish to find treasures, oh it's hard work but someone has to do it.


Redness said...

Ooooo so beautiful, thank you ... excited to see your 'gatherings tomorrow'. XO

Blue Muse said...

Paris... the sun shone on you, you jumped a boat and sailed away.. Heaven on Earth. Purrrrr.
Can't wait to see your finds from the brocante! For now, I'm off to take a closer look at Claire Basler's work - YUM!
xo Isa

Mélanie said...

Merci for sharing your pics of merci. I can't wait to go to Paris but unfortunatly I haven't had time.
I'm waiting for your brocante pictures

rochambeau said...

Thank you Di, for taking me to Merci again! Thank Harvey for too! This is SUCH a inventive store.
Like the mag stack idea, nice! Did you see Tara???
Will read below.


rochambeau said...

Good Scores AND Charlotte's kitchen clock is a ten!


Parisbreakfasts said...

FAB finds at MERCI!!!
I LOVE that shot of the girl with the grey scarf sashaying by the sofa=Perfection!!!
More Paris please.
You are missing St. Ouen tomorrow morning - a big deal-once-a-year event.

studioJudith said...

So much eye candy .. . so many treats!
(that wine in the chilled bag - ever so clever)
It looks like a great trip -


laurence schneider said...

dear blog

I was very surprised to see your 6th october 2009 , when you comment floral paintings at an exhibition at merci store in paris

I am so sorry but theses floral painings were not claire basler but mine , and the little girl with the scarf was my daughter celeste

I paint since 15 years because of marie-france the creator of merci who allways encouraged me

my web site is www.laurence-amelie.com I have exhibitions in paris , london NY and LA

your blog is really nice anyway , I will soon send paintings in rachel ashwell shabby-chic store at notting hill , please keep in touch if you are interrested ( sorry for my frenglish)

laurence schneider