Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Tara and The Ham Fair

the ham fair at chatou
Today Charlotte and I met the lovely Tara of Paris Parfait at The Ham Fair. On arrival we had to park way down the lane outside the Chatou Pony Club with very chic looking young school girls riding their ponies around a ring. I can't imagine Paris without Tara who has become a true and trusted friend through our blogs. We laughed, shopped, laughed, drank coffee and Diet Coke (Tara and Charlotte not me 'cos I hate the stuff) and tried to put the world to rights but didn't quite manage it - sorry folks. Tara didn't have her camera so my pictures will stand alone this time - hooray - because she is so much better than I.
the ham fair at chatou
We all made a beeline for Blandine's amazing stall - Jolie Trouvaille - with kitchen stuff to die for. Charlotte bought pans from her (real eye candy pans not your boring old pans) and Blandine proudly showed me her collection of
the ham fair at chatou
old French Coffee Pots. This lady is one of those people that should be cloned because if more people in the world were like her it would be a much nicer place.
the ham fair at chatou
This stall had real fireplaces set up as though they belonged right there and
the ham fair at chatou
this stall sold old French bars that I could happily have carted home if I had the energy.
Tomorrow I will be posting my Ham Fair finds and a little bit about our journey back to Charlotte's house which was not without drama. For now I bid you adeu whatever that means, I Googled it and no explanation came up but it sounds right.


Paris Hotel Boutique said...

Di, sounds like you're having so much fun with Charlotte and Tara in Paree! I heard Chatou is great! Keep posting!

babelfish said...

It's so great that you and Tara are like peas in a pod, enjoy your time in Paris.

rochambeau said...

Thank you for taking me along!!
SO happy you and Charlotte and Tara could be with one another!!
I'm with you Di, on the diet coke.