Friday, September 25, 2009

Off To Paris Again Via ...........................

On Sunday we leave for Paris again
off to paris
If this was my mode of transport I would be one happy bunny but we are driving down
google maps
via Ross on Wye which is nearly in Wales and Hampstead, London to deliver pieces of Ghost Furniture to lovely customers. Take that route in and think of all the road works we will encounter on the way.
Crossing the channel is the easiest part - just drive onto the train and let it do all the hard work
napoleon's trees france
Due to the fact that our daughter Charlotte now lives in the countryside outside Paris the drive is a dream, driving down those country roads lined with the trees that Napoleon had planted to keep the sun off his soldiers whilst they were marching - how thoughtful and
french medieval villages
passing through medieval villages that take your breath away.
charlotte the paupers kitchen
At the end of the long journey is our baby ready and willing
fat eiffel tower
to feed you until you burst.
french bread shop boulangerie
I can look forward to fresh French bread everyday, she lives opposite a Miller who bakes bread to die for.
tara bradford paris parfait
On Wednesday I am off to Chatou to meet up with my gorgeous friend Tara, she of Paris Parfait, to gossip, put the world to rights (she is much better at that than me) and do
Foire Nationale à la Brocante et Aux Jambons
The Ham Fair or as the French call it - Foire Nationale à la Brocante et Aux Jambons - too much of a mouth full for me. Speaking of mouth fulls the food there is to die for not speaking of the 500 antique stalls
landmarks of paris
On Thursday our friends, Annie and Gavin, are joining us but they are flying in and out (lucky sods). Neither have been to Paris before so we are their guides. Where do we start?
seine cruise
I think a trip down The Seine gives a good overview (someone should tell that driver he is going the wrong way) and after that it's just a case of following your nose. My nose always leads me to a Bistro where I can sit at a pavement table and people watch.
torcy brocante
On Sunday there is a 5 kilometre long Brocante in Torcy, a town close to Charlotte's village. Seventh Heaven, Cloud Nine, Eutopia and all the other places that aren't coming to mind at this time of the morning.
anglo saxon find staffordshire
I wonder if I will be as lucky as this bloke who hit the headlines today with his Anglo Saxon Find in Staffordshire, I doubt it.
paris fashion week
It's Paris Fashion Week when we are there so I can expect the streets to be full of French Chic, you know the sort of people that make you go - HOW ON EARTH DOES SHE LOOK THAT GOOD - when I am staggering about with aching feet even though I insist on wearing flats to get around.
stupid shoes
Not for me those amazing but crippling shoes the French women manage to walk around in.
Moleskine Reporter's Notebook
I will, of course, have my trusty Moleskine Reporter's Notebook and my laptop with me and will be reporting back on every stage of my journey so I wish you 'au revoir' (translated that is literally 'till the seeing again.') I by the way speak no French, I gave birth to my own translator.


vicki archer said...

Have a wonderful, wonderful time Di...I know you will, xv.

DHD Design Studio said...

Next time come visit us in the 7e

Barbara Butler McCoy said...

wandered over from Paris Parfait ... so cool to see photos of the Staffordshire treasure ... and the moleskin photo is clever;-)

ArtShades said...

Lucky you. Since I received my little book 'Paris:Made by Hand' by Pia Jane Bijkerk I've been longing to return. Have you seen it?

Have fun.

Mélanie said...

You will have a wonderful time ! Going to Chatou ...lucky girl . When will you come to south of France . Do a bisou to Tara from me

Splendid Willow said...

Bon voyage! Enjoy! Especially the time with your beautiful daughter!

suzanne said...

Very nice brocante !

stencil helen said...

Hope you all have a fab time. I'll be away til the 18th Oct. Will look forward to hearing about your adventures and purchases on our returns.

paris parfait said...

Gave birth to your own translator! You are hilarious and I can't wait to see you. Too bad you won't be here for Longchamp, then you could wear a fancy hat. But I'll be leaving the hat at home this year in favour of camera gear, trying to take lots of photos of other people's hats!

Was at Chatou today; crowds and goodies galore. See you there Wed. Safe travels and bisous to your personal French chef. xoxox

Parisbreakfasts said...

How exciting!
You and that Jambon Fair are joined at the hip and I always seem to miss it! HMPH
Have a ball Di.
Can't wait to see your discoveries!

About said...

Lucky you! Have fun!

Barbara said...

The Anglo Saxon Find is amazing, thanks for posting that.

Trouvais said...

You are so sweet to tough this out for your loyal followers...keep the pictures coming! Your "baby" is adorable. Trish

koralee said...

Just found your lovely blog and I think you are the luckest girl in the world right to Paris! Your images are amazingly lovely...I have never been but both of my teen daughters things...go figure! One day! Enjoy your time away!

Juddie said...

Oh, Di,
I know you'll have an absolutely wonderful trip! I hope the weather gods smile on you, and may your baguettes always be crunchy on the outside and fluffy on the inside.
I look forward to reading your updates /....

HR Guy said...

Hmm..I must say Paris is one of my favorite destination for shopping and relaxation. I remembered my first visit in Paris was way back 2003. And It was an unforgettable moments. Wow! I miss Paris. Have a good trip!

Kev - LG said...

Is that a Moleskine external hard disk? Very clever!

Enzie Shahmiri said...

Can't wait to see all the new photos of your trip. Have a grand time in France!

Unknown said...

This sounds like a ton of fun and food too divine for words! Enjoy and I will enjoy as you recount every step. Hoping your internet gets sorted out soon!

xo Mary Jo