Thursday, June 04, 2009

Just Take Some Junk and......................

I am in the throws of making a statement in my garden and that statement says who I am and what I do. Of course it will contain re vamped vintage pieces, what else would you expect. Here's some ideas from other such people around the globe and I will show you mine when it's finished.
vintage garden
An old piano now a waterfall - how cool is that?
Found at Design-Phan
vintage garden
1930s light bowls used as hanging baskets - genius
Found at Eldorado Modern
vintage garden
A bedroom in the garden all planted up - if only I had the space
Found on Flickr
vintage garden
An old headboard for plants to climb up
Found at Garden and Crafts
vintage garden
An ingenious use for old drawers
Found on Flickr
vintage garden
Dead simple - moss in an old wooden box
Found at Petersham Nurseries
vintage garden
If you have a tree stump in the garden then add an old tabletop, cover it in zinc and you have the best garden table ever
Found at Petersham Nurseries
vintage garden
A rusty old plant stand with glass containers and white flowers - perfect
Found on Skonahem


Unknown said...

These are all great--a friend of mine has a flower "bed" in his Venice garden, but that piano is really wonderful! Can't wait to see yours...

studioJudith said...

I do just love the "dead simple" moss in the crate : it's a great background to add another layer -
river rocks, shells ... .
Have fun with your garden renovation .. I'll be anxious to see where your creativity takes you!


Denise Kiggan said...

I think my present headboard would look better in the garden than it looks in my bedroom! Great way to get rid of it!

paris parfait said...

Love the bedroom in the garden idea, but as a piano player, that piano with water pouring through it makes me feel anxious - as though the piano was in a shipwreck.

Mélanie said...

Love all these samples ..and all these beauties

Prairie Girl Studio said...

i am with you paris parfait ... although quite captivating the water pouring through the piano kinda makes me a bit queasy ... but what really brightens my day are those beautiful, beautiful light shades turned planters ... lovely!
the beauty of junk ... *sigh* ...

Ulla said...

Fantastic ideas, makes me want to move outside - well almost...

CharliR said...

Love the hanging 'baskets'! I have an old headboard that I had a climbing rose on. Thinking Wisteria for it now.
These are all great ideas. I have a back yard about the size of a large postage stamp so its very limited as to what can go there.