Thursday, March 19, 2009

The Paris Apartment Boutique

the paris apartment boutique
Come on Three Cheers for Claudia who has launched her online boutique. She of The Paris Apartment fame who always finds the most amazing pieces and writes that lovely blog also known as The Paris Apartment. Good luck Claudia it's looking fabulous.
the paris apartment boutique
the paris apartment boutique
the paris apartment boutique


Sarthak said...

The wall sconces are just so beautiful !!

Mélanie said...

I hope it will be a success ! It is such a wonderful site

Anonymous said...

Di! How amazing that you posted this!
It's so the wrong time to launch but it was now or never :)
I finally have access to putting up pieces myself and have high hopes that it will turn into a collective with blogger's pieces represented too. How about some of your beautiful Ghost furniture? Thank you so much, I am blown away and can't wait to meet you in Paris this spring!

paris parfait said...

Claudia's site is looking lovely. I've been intrigued by her style since buying her book The Paris Apartment in 1997.

babelfish said...

Hooray, she has such a good eye for quality and unique stuff.