Wednesday, February 11, 2009

These Are All Candles

candles by magiera
candles by magiera
I can't stop looking at these candles. Yes each and every piece is a candle, so beautiful I just couldn't put a match to them.
From Magiera and there are lots more on their website.


paris parfait said...

They really are beautiful! But I would burn them. Life is short; light candles. :)

savvycityfarmer said...

yeah, me thinks I would too.

ooooops I haven't been here is a while.

there's still one hour to go for my first giveaway

The Clever Pup said...

Cool - even the picture frame.

Head on over to my blog at I've posted a picture of my bronze garden sculpture. She's plastic!

c said...

love love your blog, i've been lost in it for about an hour now, great detail and insight and images and interesting observations, wonderful, i will be back often!

{your tea tray ideas are fantastic, clever and fun and beautiful to look at!}

x c

Paris Hotel Boutique said...

Di, these are amazing!! The day you posted about them, I rushed right over to their site. Gorgeous works of art. Unfortunately the site is all in French, but, they are truly beautiful. Wish we could get them here in the states!

Anonymous said...

Super candles ;-)

Anonymous said...

All of them??!?