Monday, January 05, 2009

The Things People Knit

knitted bike
OK so you are sitting there with a pair of knitting needles and it suddenly occurs to you that you should knit a Bike and a Cave. I rejoice in the fact that someone somewhere has this sort of mind set. Go and have a look around this site dedicated to UK Hand Knitting and be amazed.
knitted cave


paris parfait said...

That is incredible - nice to see such originality and creativity abounding!

Anonymous said...

Great website, I could really hibernate in that cave!

Unknown said...

This is amazing. Would love to take that bicycle for a spin. Ha!

beauty comma said...

I can imagine the husband-and-wife conversation that could stem from this.
Scene in front of the telly:
H: What's that you're knitting, love?"
W: "Oh, just a bicycle."
H: "......................."