Friday, January 09, 2009

These Dresses Are Potty

Absolutely bloody amazing. All made from broken pots. By Li Xiaofeng.
Li Xiaofeng dress made from broken china
Li Xiaofeng dress made from broken china


karey m. said...

very cool.

and my next stop will be to vote for maryam. thanks for the reminder.

also? an even bigger thanks for your gaza post. made me admire you even more.

Anonymous said...

So clever and beautiful...I wonder what it's like to wear them?

paris parfait said...

Fabulously freaky! Wouldn't want to wear them, but they are quite something!

rochambeau said...

Love it!!
Must sent your link to art tea life!!
Happy Sunday Di!

vicki archer said...

too fabulous indeed....until you sat down! xv

corine said...

and to think I only used my broken china to cover tables and lamps. Silly me.

The Clever Pup said...