Monday, January 26, 2009

Our Cottage Extension - The Kitchen

At last a look at the finished parts of our Cottage Extension.
ghost furniture kitchen

If anything stays still long enough I will paint it even the Fridge Freezer got the matte black treatment. The vegetables in the dish on top of the fridge are from an old French Charcuterie. A stable door allows me to drink in the views and keep my feet warm.
ghost furniture kitchen
The cupboard doors were painted in copper and verdigris and of course were given the Ghost Furniture treatment by fixing a vintage frame with vine tomatoes placed inside, in the same colours.
ghost furniture kitchen
A vintage frame holds a vintage artist's palette now a blackboard and a Phillipe Starck Hooktoo Utensil Set. A very laid back 3D Bon Appetit stuck to the wall.
ghost furniture kitchen
I numbered the cupboards because I was sick of describing which cupboard held what to Harvey. Now I just shout NUMBER 3!
ghost furniture kitchen
Black was the chosen background colour for the walls and even the taps.
ghost furniture kitchen
To separate the kitchen from the dining area we put in a tree from the forest outside our door and attached a piece of African Padouk to it to create a breakfast bar.
ghost furniture kitchen
A rise and fall ceramic lamp from The French House gives a soft light to the very red wood below.
ghost furniture kitchen
The odd branch still sticking out from the tree comes in handy for hanging kitchen wares on.



paris parfait said...

Oh such excitement! I've been waiting to see what you've done and it looks fantastic! So elegant and charming, at the same time. You must be thrilled to have so much space. And I'm laughing at the numbering the cabinents. We have one tall vintage chest that has drawers numbered and I'm always calling out "Drawer 26!" :) Congrats to you and Harvey for a job well done! You must be thrilled that it's finally finished. xo

Anonymous said...

It looks brilliant Di, can't wait to visit. I very much like the matt black. Is Bon Appetit stencilled with plaster then painted over?

Anonymous said...

Very chic and very you Di! Love the ceiling too! Can't wait for more pictures.

- Susan - said...

Hi Di, congratulations! And thanks for sharing!
Always curious to see how others decorate their homes.
How did you paint all the oven and fridges? With a brush or spray? did you treat them before with an iron brush or something?

Looking forward to the next picture show!

Denise Kiggan said...

I just love the painted fridge!

Anonymous said...

I always knew you were a dare devil, black paint, a tree growing in the center. This is fun and so original. Now I need to get my hand on a can of that back spay paint QUICK!

Bridget said...

It gives me envy to paint my kitchen in black, seriously!

rochambeau said...

Hi Di!!!!!!
FINALLY~ The REVEAL!!Your beautiful kitchen!
Once I asked you your favorite color combo. You said black and white!! Oh yea baby!
This is the only black refrige I've seen. Did you have to prime it????
So many touches that are so you, so Ghost! It's cool how you have put a modern slant with still a nod to the past.

Especially like that you've numbered your cabinets, the tree branch column and the blackboard.
Also too that you are daring to paint with black and it looks great!!


I thought of you while getting ready for the RB party. It's because of you that I ever seen Scotland!

Country French Antiques said...

It's about time you showed us something and how WONDERFUL!
So many great ideas!!!!
I love your French chandelier, the backboard pallet, the numbers on the cabinets (I need to do that) and your frame is soooo you!
Fabulous Di !!

Parisbreakfasts said...

are these extensions on your yacht?
Why am I getting tippsy?
I like that tree growing through it too!
Are the walls all blackboard?
Yyou beat tme to it!

Jan said...

love the stable door and the numbering system - very clever !

Anonymous said...

Your kitchen is so uniquely you, very 'Ghost' and chic. Love the idea of calling out cupboard numbers :) The tree addition is fantastic!

Anonymous said...

Wowza Di! This looks fantastic. A tree in your kitchen - I want one!

Sea Angels said...

How amazing Di, I knew it would be original and chic but wow!!Where do you get your fabulous ideas from...well done there is a huge amount of work there, well done.
Hugs Lynn xx

Mélanie said...

I love your kitchen , it is so you.
Inspiration , modern, antiques , mix , surrealistic ...

Anonymous said...

Love all the black - and yes it is very 'you' (particularly coveting that lamp from the French House)