Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Following The Leader - Day 1 Of The Rest Of Our Lives

President Obama's To Do List

  • Finish the war in Iraq.
  • Come down hard on the people who caused this massive economic downturn and make sure they never do it again.
  • Say or do SOMETHING that will stop the death and destruction in Gaza ever happening again.
  • Stop this crazy War on Terror and start talking to the enemy. We did it in Northern Ireland and now there is peace.
  • Show our leaders here in the UK how to CHANGE.
  • Speak in a language everyone understands when talking about Responsibility.
  • Show people how to live a healthy and fruitful life.
  • Help to educate those who have lost their way. We are on to the third generation of people who just DO NOT UNDERSTAND.
  • Give your countrymen, all of them, the healthcare they deserve not what they can afford.
  • Make it WORK so that other leaders from around the World follow your lead.
  • Remember that the eyes of the World are on you but you need to keep your eyes on the road ahead of you.
  • Understand that YOU are the man who can make it happen.
  • Get a new web designer, your website and blog take an age to download. Just trying to be helpful ;)


Jan said...

Wouldn't it be great if he read this list ?
I'm sure he is going to try.
p.s. we know that you weren't even born in 1897 Di ! :)

Anonymous said...


kenju said...

AMEN!! and thanks for caring.

Sue said...

Excellent, well thought and presented post! I have linked to it on my blog.


savvycityfarmer said...

Tall orders!!!

Pigtown*Design said...

Great list!

It is so interesting to see the difference between the coverage of Gaza in the UK and the US. You all don't have the blind following of Israel that we do.

Parisbreakfasts said...


paris parfait said...

Normally his website doesn't take long - it's just inaugural excitement overload. But I believe our new president will make significant progress in tackling the above issues. We have great hope - and of course, it will take all of us working together. This is a very happy day! xoxox

Anonymous said...

I watched his speech today and all I could think of is that I sure hope he can deliver all the things he is promising. I do not know what will happen to this countries and peoples state of mind if he fails.

My hopes are high for a brighter future and I sure hope that he has what it takes.

5ToF said...

if he will do just half of that list, he will not be a good president, but a great one. and if he will teach UK goverment how to change, i will call him The Magician!


Anonymous said...

a perfectly reasonable request. If anyone can accomplish any of this, I think it would be him.

Anonymous said...

That's a big to do list but somehow I think he can handle it. I hope the right leadership really can change everything. Especially since we're all poised to assist in any way!

Salon de Sucre said...

Amen !

Anonymous said...

The outrageous pomposity of Europeans is wearing real thin on Americans (by a landslide in any reputable poll, and I mean a landslide). Real thin. How dare you presume to list responsiblities of a nation other than your own, one where you pay no taxes, do not reside in, and are ignorant of its culture but for what you read in biased media publications. Clean up your own house, put your own country in order, assume some responsibility for once instead of leaving it to America. We're sick of listening to your criticism, jealousy, and outrageous sense of entitlement. Reponsibility left your vocabulary as citizens in your own country years ago over there. If you concerned yourself as much with your own government as you do ours you might be surprised at what Europe could accomplish. Put your faith & ideals & hopes in your country, not mine. How dare you? How dare you?

Di Overton said...

Dear Anonymous I suggest you read this properly before leaving a comment like this. One point I made was - Show our leaders here in the UK how to CHANGE - In each and every post I have done I have critisised the UK government and I am under no iullsion about us Europeans. If your idea is that we mind our own business and not not follow your lead then the World will never change.
I believe Barack Obama is the only politician that has talked sense in years but if you choose to see him as just the property of the US then I pity you.

paris parfait said...

Oh dear! I think "anonymous" (always suspect when someone won't use their name) has a serious case of xenophobia and hubris. I must have missed those "landslide polls" about the "pomposity of Europeans!" :) Who knew??!! :)