Wednesday, December 10, 2008

You MUST Go and See This Monumental Video Show

Monumental Video Show by easyweb france
I watched this in total amazement the other day when I visited Yatzer. This video is of a light show using video projection materials done by Easyweb in France. It is totally mind blowing.
I insist that you visit and I will know if you haven't because I will check my out clicks on Sitemeter so be warned. It can be viewed HERE
Monumental Video Show by easyweb france


Taddie Tales said...

That was A MAZE ING!!!! Thank you for this post - would love to see it live.


yk.celine said...

Angel ? Ghost ?....mysterious but beautiful

yk.celine said...

Mysterious but beautiful......Celine

paris parfait said...

Isn't their work fantastic??!! xo

Bethany said...

Un-be-lievable!!!! Thank you for this was just extraordinary!!!

yk.celine said...

Did you see the "Lyon, Fête des lumières 2008"
also fabulous !......Celine