Friday, December 12, 2008

This Is Soap But Not As We Know It

fluid soaps by isle waltjen
I am not going to blether on about these stunning soaps, I will just let you read the copy on each picture and you can be blown away to the same place I was.
By Isle Waltjen in the Netherlands.
fluid soaps by isle waltjen
fluid soaps by isle waltjen

fluid soaps by isle waltjen
fluid soaps by isle waltjen
fluid soaps by isle waltjen


paris parfait said...

Weird, but clever.

Anonymous said...

This is awesome! What a neat idea to do something so different.

Salon de Sucre said...

this is a piece of art! I dont wanna wash with it ! but i wanna touch it!!

Unknown said...

love these! gives a whole new meaning to "clean design" :)

dianem said...

All I can say is..Wow.

Anonymous said...

Oh My goodness, they are beautiful! They make me want to live in a tropical place, where i have an outdoor shower and a wooden bench with stacks of these soaps, to use for my mood.

I think I love the first one, that has a bit of scrubby grains in it... Although the crystals are amazing too!

By the way, I was blown away at that light show post below. I watched it the other day, but had such a bad headache, I went to sleep after I saw it.

I have to watch it again, and show it to my mister. He will LOVe it!!


Jan Halvarson said...

so interesting!

Kellogg Collection said...

Great looking, but will they reach those hard spots??? ;) Cheers and Merry Xmas, Homer.

FrenchGardenHouse said...

oh those Dutch People! aren't these so amazing! (My husband is going home to Holland this week, but I'm sure he won't have time to look anything like this up)
hope you are having a great week, Di!
xo Lidy

karey m. said...

i am telling you...check your site meter...because i just spent a stalker-worthy amount of time browsing and drooling and out-clicking {in new tabs so i don't really have to leave!}...

which is exactly what any self-respecting stalker should do.

there's way too much treasure here to comment separately, so here's one blanket statement: I. LOVE. THIS. SITE.

xoxo. oh! and al fayed? knew he must be a tosser by the giant statue in the lobby. eek.

Prairie Girl Studio said...

Hi Di ~
I have to tell you that your blog site was actually the very first real blog site that I experienced and I totally fell in love with all your inspiring posts and wit and the multitude of ideas that you find and share ... BRAVO! and many warm THANKS!
I have had a blog address for a bit but only recently 'launched' it. Help me out a bit. By any chance was this earth Fluid soap posting on your site earlier today again?
I was away and was blog browsing on a different computer and was certain it was there this morning but not this evening ...
never to mind really though as I knew I could find it again on your blog and did and was OVER THE MOON delighted to be able to post and share them!
Sorry to go on and on and on ...
Thanks so much Di again for all your wonderful work ... and play!
A hug from Canada,