Friday, December 19, 2008

How Is This Done?

knits at pikene bak slottet
I can't stop looking at this. How is it so neat? If you go and visit Pikene Bak Slottet of Norway you will be very impressed by the totally unique fashion items.


Anonymous said...

I think I know how. I found this awesome book "Knitting Never Felt Better" where they explain how to make these.

Usually marbles, ping pong balls and even nuts are placed under the knit and tied off with rubber bands. Once the shape is in place, they remove the item and felt it.

I haven't tried it yet. It looks fairly simple to do, especially for those with nimble fingers and the effect is stunning.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely rigt. Just one thing to add. You leave the objects inside the knitting (so to speak) while it felts. Otherwise the shapes won't stay put. I've only tried it with fabric (where you have to steam it over a pot of water with vinegar added)This looks very pretty!


paris parfait said...

Really lovely - it's a bit like the window dressers putting balloons beneath mannequin's braids. xoxox