Thursday, October 04, 2007

Maisons du Monde - In The Flesh

maisons du monde paris
Last night Charlotte and I went to her local shopping mall to pick up some bits and pieces for her newly decorated apartment. I love this bit of any project, the finishing touches. We went to Maisons du Monde and were spoilt for choice. She could have even had a movie camera if she was so inclined.
This is a seriously great shop for anyone setting up home. My favourite piece was the the lamp with 3 different shades (top picture) this came as a floor lamp also and just take a look at the dinnerware.
Next week when I am back home I will show you some of the finds used in the big decorating project. Do you know I came to do the lounge and ended doing the hallway and bathroom also. What a wonderful mother I am.
maisons du monde paris
maisons du monde paris
maisons du monde paris


paris parfait said...

That is a terrific lamp and the nightstand is a great colour. Lucky Charlotte to have you accompany her here! xo

Anonymous said...

Loving the dinnerware, what a great shop. Looking forward to seeing pictures of the decorated apartment.