Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Sit On It

bike seats from vincon
I can't see the point of them but I do like them. Pity I don't ride a bike.
From a fabulous shop that I once visited in Barcelona that gift wrap every single thing you buy - Vincon


kstyle said...

Love love the dog one. Makes me want to go out and ride a bike. k

Anonymous said...

For us that do ride bikes, those have a very good point! When it's raining, it's good to have one of those on the seat. Before you hop on, you take it off, which saves your bum from being soaked all the way down to your knickers. Just ask anyone who's had a wet bum for a whole day of work!

Anonymous said...

jennie is so right on this one!
plus it will help one identify your bike in a row of bike racks and a cute novelty item too.
White may not be the best colour though.

Anonymous said...

Thta's cute!

Anonymous said...

So many things do not need a point to exist, just sit and look cute!