Thursday, January 12, 2012

My Family Tree By Charlie's Hand

My Family Tree By Charlie's Hand
One of our daughters, Rebecca, gave us this gorgeous framed paper cut Family Tree for Christmas. We were both beyond delighted with it. It was made by a very clever woman called Charlie and her company is By Charlie's Hand. What amazes me is that she does it without the assistance of a laser cutter, just a scalpel and a steady hand. Go and take a look at her Facebook page where you can order one for yourself.
My Family Tree By Charlie's Hand
This is it inside the frame. Notice that our tree is heavy with fruit, any more additions to our family and we will have a forest.
My Family Tree By Charlie's Hand
This is a work in progress image I found on her Facebook page, not ours but it's interesting to see the process.


La Brocanteuse said...

Wow, what a thoughtfull and touching gift, will hop over and read about her work, thank you for sharing, Colette X ~ South Africa

Marion Pannekoek said...

Thank you for sharing this great idea!

designchic said...

Not only is this stunning, but such a lovely keepsake!!

Hannah from Plumbs said...

Wow these are stunning - Will go and check it out!