Wednesday, December 22, 2010

And Then There Was Light - Painting My Floor White

white painted floor
This is usually the time of year when I have to apply a new coat of oil to the floor in the dining/kitchen area of our cottage. I knew it would get darker, as it does each time I do it. Living in a cottage has the drawback of deep set windows and low ceilings which if you are not careful can feel oppressive. SO I PAINTED THE FLOOR WHITE and what a difference. I LOVE IT!
white painted floor
It's bright and everything twinkles, not just the tree lights that I wrapped around the tree that holds up our breakfast bar. This instead of a Christmas Tree which means
white painted floor
the presents have to go somewhere else. Each year I try to wrap the presents in a new way. This year it was brown kraft paper with stencilled initials, a luggage tag with a stencilled initial, all piled up and tied up with ribbon, curls, party poppers, Mexican paper flowers and crackers. Took an age but saves rooting around looking for the recipients name on each individual gift.
white painted floor
The cottage is dressed and ready for Christmas but whether anyone gets here is still not known. The snow is still falling but it's warm, cosy and BRIGHT in my home right now.


Karena said...

Di I love the white painted floors and your home looks great for the holidays! Super idea!

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Joyeaux Noel!

Art by Karena

maison21 said...

looks great!

rouge said...

The floor looks fab. I really like it. Maybe you'll do a post soon to let us know whether it's much harder to keep clean? I know you'll have mud there and maybe even dogs?! I have almost black floors and they're buggers - show any and every bit of fluff, dust and grot.

BODIE and FOU said...

I love it too Di! It looks stunning! Love your tree too. Did you see what Annaleena did with her tree?...a countdown to Xmas tree...

Mary Jo from TrustYourStyle said...

Your home is lovely Di! I just love the staircase and all the details, as well as the yummy white floor! Just wanted to pop by and wish you a very merry and bright Christmas + all wonderful things in the coming year! Hope your family makes it safely to your home.

xoxo Mary Jo

Jan said...

Floored by your floor Di
Merry Christmas!

paris parfait said...

Di, it is absolutely stunning! So lovely to see how your hard work has paid off! In 2011, must come see your renovated cottage for myself (after you come to Holland). Happy Christmas and much love to you and Harvey. xoxox

amyC said...

oh my how inspiring, everything does twinkle!!!! always loved white floors, excited to start living in my own place so I can do this too :D


Chris said...

wow your cottage is so inspiring. i just love the white floors, something i would love to do to mine however with 4 teenage kids in the house perhaps not wise just yet so we're opting for the oiling.

Mélanie A. said...

Love the new look of your floor . Your package looks fantastic.
Hope your family could get to you for christmas

stencil helen said...

Wow.. I always thought your home was lovely just as it was but the sparkly white floor is fab, it really makes the other colours pop. Your stencilling with plaster shows up really well and the gifts look brilliant!. See, all that snow gave you extra time to twiddle. If you are travelling could you drop paper flowers by? Happy new year to you both. xx

amourette said...

looks beautiful!

ullam said...

Di, I always love seeing your personal style at work! Your ideas are so clever and fun!
I hope your holidays were wonderful and that the new year brings you loads of success!