Friday, November 27, 2009

Comfort Station - Perfection and a New Website

comfort station amy anderson
I met Amy Anderson of Comfort Station last year and she is the sort of person that exudes calm, she is a perfectionist but laid back - who would have thought that possible? Amy creates the most exquisite jewellery, each piece is perfect with detailing that seems impossible.
comfort station amy anderson
Take a look at the Sliced Poetry collection above. Each book contains slices laser-cut from an antique book of poetry.
comfort station amy anderson
Her Knotted Love collection just blows me away and
comfort station amy anderson
her Diamonds Collection is perfection.
comfort station amy anderson
comfort station amy anderson
Comfort Station is located just off Brick Lane in Cheshire Street and the shop is everything you would expect from an Artist who gained her degree in Fine Art at Ruskin, Oxford. She carries the most exquisite range of Taxidermy all of which was road kill, how to turn disaster in beauty.
The best news I have saved until last - her new website now enables customers to order online and she ships ALL OVER THE WORLD!


Jan said...

Seriously out of the ordinary !

studioJudith said...

Oh that knotted love ... .
truly LOVE it!

Mélanie said...

I love this shop, and now thanks to internet we can buy things even when the shop is far away...I'm going to see

rochambeau said...

Amy sounds great and I remember your featuring her cool shop. She makes lovely and unique jewelry!

Hope all is well!


babelfish said...

stunning items and a beautiful website.