Thursday, August 06, 2009

Recognising The Economic Situation etc - Comments Appreciated

Ghost Furniture has survived the recession up to now and I have spent the last months designing and making a range of more accessible items that are more affordable and can be easily shipped worldwide.

I would love to hear your comments. Consider yourselves part of my research. Thank You.


ghost furniture blackboards

They've Been Framed – A range of vintage frames turned into blackboards/chalkboards each with a little vintage item to hold the chalks or simply to decorate it. Prices start at £25

ghost furniture tea set

ghost furniture fruit bowl

Exposed – A range of vintage decorative items each revealing a part of it's original look. Prices start at £20

ghost furniture vintage pieces

Little Left Overs – Little pieces that have been in my treasure chest and have never been used. I don't want to die and not have ever found a home for them. I don't want to die full stop, that's the last thing I'm going to do. Prices start at £5


Anzu said...

These all look great to me! I will go over to the website to have a closer look. I especially like the idea of the exposed range. You should be pleased with yourself not doubting!

a fanciful twist said...

I think this is brilliant!!!!!! I would love to acquire some treasures from you - and these price ranges are marvelous!! So add them, I love it!

Oh and, of course, you are gorgeous as ever, below;) xoxo, please adopt me.

I can have two Mums. A Mom and a MUM. Although, I see you more as a sister ;) LOVE, V

BODIE and FOU said...

I think the blackboard is a very good price. I did one in France last time I was there and although they are not difficult to do, they are time consuming to make if we can a good quality finish. I also love the objets that show half of the details.

I would love to see your little left over too. I bought some gorgeous French metal vintage boxes last weekend in Bristol for £5 each and they look amazing on Mila's shelves...

Dallas Shaw said...

really love the pieces in the first two photos...

Deb @ Beholder's Eye said...

Enterprising as ever, Di!! I really love these, especially the frames. A fantastic idea. I don't know how you can give away your treasure chest items though...I pretend mine are to be used for something terribly important at some point, but they're really just for me to covet and look at, never to be given away ;)

FrenchGardenHouse said...


The chalkboards are brilliant!! Love those, and the price is perfect, as well. I love that each will have a different vintage element, making each an original piece.

Exposed...the perfect way to show the old, while making each piece "new" too. again, brilliant.

Left overs are always a treat, when they come from you!

Economy or not, all three of these ranges are inventive, and fun!
xoxo Lidy

Noel Solomon said...

Hi Di~

I truly love what your doing here and I couldn't relate more to your thoughts. What can I create that's afforadable, that will ship well and thats unique!? I ponder on those all day. I am not kidding--- I have been looking for a chalkboard like that for my kitchen! Your new items will do well and I say go for it!
Best of luck to you. Thank you for sharing as well!

xoxo Noel

studioJudith said...

I must jump on the
"I love the chalkboard frame"
bandwagon. It seems to invite me
to create something . That's always
an invitation I appreciate.
(Love your new icon, too!

vicki archer said...

They are really great Di and very accessible for consumers in this market. Love the chalkboards in particular - good luck with them, xv.

rochambeau said...

Dear Di,
Think you are smart to do this~
Your chalk boards a especially great!
Giving a new modern life to old objects is "Ghosts" specialty and these reinvented frames are a great example!!

Three cheers~Way to go!!


paris parfait said...

I think these are all fabulous! And the prices are so reasonable. What's not to like??!! xoxox

Inspired Tokens said...

I love it all, but I especially love the chalkboards! Makes you just want to draw a 'happy face', just to make you smile!

Parisbreakfast said...

Ditto the first 2 photos are fine and show your work well.
The last photo doesn't do justice to the items...ahem...I think...
But I will go take a closer look at Ghost.

Sandra Evertson said...

First off, GORGEOUS new photo of you!
Love those sexy red glasses!
And as for your new line, Yummy, the painted tea set is fabulous and what a great new twist on the chalkboards!
Sandra Evertson

Jennifer Ramos said...

I love the chalkboards & the fact that you got a variety of colors is a great idea. Great price too!!

Splendid Willow said...

Chalkboards always a hit. Di, you have such an eye for unique and lovely objects. You can only do good! If I miss anything it would be pillows. I love so many of your chairs in your catalogue, can those be mirrored to pillows? I always crave pillows! And sell them on ETSY too! Hug.

Sea Angels said...

Hi Di
Looking at your website was lovely and there are plenty of beautiful items.
The quality and finish of all of them looks superb.
However your new ranges all seem to be very similar in styles and colours and the borders of each overlap, this is rather nice, if you do not want seperate ranges.
I loved the Flapper chair, I loved the table with the lace painted on, and I loved the cupboard/drawers with the lily. I also love the idea of the shadow cupboards. I am not an extrovert as you can see I have chosen pieces that I could use for a long time, given a better income ha ha and a bigger house I could add further to my list.
Your pictures are really cute, I love them
Hugs Lynn xxxx

paola said...

Yep, great idea to make them easier to ship in particular. I too really like the blackboards...

sfgirlbybay said...

love the chalkboards. i like the white ones in contrast to the chalkboard black. the small vintage pieces are sweet, too. and the prices seem quite reasonable!

Mélanie said...

It is perfect . Good pieces at good price . You have such a taste

jan said...

Yes I'm partial to the white framed blackboards as well, and the prices seems to be fair.

cartolina said...

The chalkboards are winners - for sure. I would definitely love to see more ornate or 'baroque' frames too in the collection.

The Exposed series is cool - the idea of painting matt black on the outside of a silver vessel is original and interesting - like those french tea cups that are gold on the inside. Great idea.

Little Left Overs will be a popular collection because everyone loves vintage treasures, especially me. I also love buying small groupings of tiny treasures that have something in common so that I can then display them all together in a pretty box for example.

Prices all seem very good from this side of the pond - good luck Di, Fiona

Jaime said...

Hi Di!
Thanks for showcasing your awesome pieces yet again. I actually truly adore the chalkboard frames. I think it's a wonderful idea and certainly trendy enough to sell very well!

While I'm not a crazy fan of antiquey-looking pieces, I think that the way you breathe life into everything gives it something very new and exciting.

I would love to see more large pieces, like chairs or tables, too.

Sylvie said...

I like ideas one and three the best. I especially like heavily plastered or carved frames for the chalkboard idea. Your treasures must be amazing!

TheDecoDetective said...

Brilliant idea and lovely items Di - I've emailed you!

Trouvais said...

Well...I was most excited by your box of treasures...of course..gilt tassels(hmmm). Sometimes we're not in the mood to dig through an entire flea market and there it all is with the Di stamp of approval. Love the idea of repurposing vintage decorative...with a (ghostly) vestige left intact. Shipping costs are an issue with me...the blackboards might not have as much of an overseas market if it substantially inflates the final cost. But I love them anyway. I wish we could all pool our "doing something with this someday" cache. A bloggers garage sale. XO Trish

Jan said...

Certainly the recession is still an issue, but I think you can be confident that your prices are more than acceptable.
The blackboards are great and I love this concept of saving things that would have been scrapped.
Do I need to say it Di ? - you're one clever lady x

- Suzie - said...

Hi Di,
thanks for the invitation to your research!
Great idea.
I like the chalkboards best!
Something decorative and useful !
They will sell well.
Also treasures will be interesting as they are personal finds.

BTW with every new photo on your blog you look younger. Amazing !!!

Good luck - very warm and sunny greetings from the South of Italy !!!

Paris Hotel Boutique said...

Di, items look great with great price points. Question, I'm confused with the second and third photo. Are they painted silver pieces?

You go girl! Red glasses and all!


Fab Fashion Fancy said...

Love, love, love the green chalkboard with the lace and the matte black tea set! So fabulous! Also love your new photo and the red glasses-very chic with your blond hair! I need to get red glasses too-and blond hair!

Country French Antiques said...

Hi Di,
I'm with most of the crowd, love the chalkboards and a great price!
I think they would be a wonderful addition to your line!!

Enzie Shahmiri said...

I absolutely love the apple and pear dish! Great idea and super cute!

The framed chalkboards are also a very clever idea.

I love silver too much to see it transformed, but the design makes them look sort of art deco-ish.

You always have such clever ideas!

Mary Jo from TrustYourStyle said...

Good lord, I am slayed by that black tea set. It reminds me conceptually of a set Cindy Sherman did, only yours is much cooler. Di, I love all of it. The black apple is great, and the chalk boards are also really wonderful with their vintage holders that makes each special. If I didn't have so much in the way of remnants from my own business and crafts, I'm sure I'd also be entranced by your little leftovers. Well done and best of luck!
xo Mary Jo


Hi Di, this is fun. I like being part of your research. :) I adore your chalkboard, specially the white one. Price looks reasonable too.

stencil helen said...

Well, it looks like you may be chalkboard queen!
I was lucky enough to see and handle these new items a couple of days ago. Brilliant stuff and thank you for a lovely day.

Freshly Found said...

I love the exposed range. That is really appealing! The chalkboards with the vintage decoration are also a clever idea!

the paris apartment said...

I love the boards and would like to see even more elaborate frames as you get more into it. Everyone needs one of those some place.

As for the 5 euro treasures, it's brilliant. I just saw a site where everything is the low same price.

This has nothing to do with what you're selling but it's a great concept that you can do with the smaller items before you die, which will be many decades from now!

build a shed man said...

I love this site as it has some fantastic ideas that you can use in your own projects. I want to build an art shed and this has given me some more inspiration. Thanks

babelfish said...

Great ideas, every single one (blackboards are adorable, and the exposed range is brilliant -you have the best ideas)!

Ulla said...

Di, I'm late as ever, but wanted to tell you - I think your new items are delightful. I especially like the decorative items you are showing - so 'tongue in cheek' as only Di can do... I love the idea of your selling little left-overs, I couldn't see them on your sight, so I am assuming they all went fast! The chalkboard frames are my least favorite, only because this idea has been so overdone on this side of the big lake. Best of luck my dear, and happy selling!