Friday, May 08, 2009

White On French Blue

fanciful at french blue
What do you feel when you see white, does it make you feel as though all is well with the world? I know this isn't true but it can make you feel so relaxed. White sheets and fluffy white pillows, a new layer of snow, OK ghosts are always shown as white but there's always the exception that proves the rule.
Whenever I want a white fix I head straight over to French Blue because they have the monopoly on white and since Janet's daughter Noel started to sell her fabulous Fanciful designs via French Blue there is even more.
fanciful at french blue
fanciful at french blue
french blue
french blue
french blue
french blue
french blue


Noel Solomon said...

Di~ How lovely and what a beautiful surprise!! You have made my day. Thank YOU so much for your kind post~

I enjoyed your other stories too...

xoxo Noel

Judith. Santa Fe said...

Ahh yes -
I suppose it's just the simple
purity of white .....

Sanity Fair said...

These images are beautiful - they remind me a bit of Otsuki's pictures from old Victoria magazines. He did a lot of white on white pictures, and they never felt staid or washed out.

TheDecoDetective said...

White is gorgeous, as are these photos. I'm wondering a bit about the feathered thingy though?

vicki archer said...

I am most definitely a 'white' bed and bath girl, xv.

Fabulous Finds and Co. said...

Oh.. isn't this Mother/Daughter team out of this world! Their ceativity overwhelms me and keeps me at the edge of my seat.

I also LOVED your post when you showed your gorgeous smile, without botox. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!! Your soul is as beautiful as you are.


paris parfait said...

Aren't all these things gorgeous??!! Yes, there's something about white - although I never ever wear it. xoxox

Studio News said...

What a wonderful site that you mentioned! I spent the last hour taking it all in.
White is serene and beautiful!

Lovely post!


casapinka said...

will have to check out their site. that first photo and the one of the net are just sooooooo serene.

Anzu said...

Gorgeous! The feathers are particularly stunning.