Friday, May 08, 2009

All Saints of Spitalfields

all saints dress
Yesterday I went with my grand daughter Georgia on a search for a Prom Dress. I thought I needed a medal the size of a frying pan to take this on but she actually listened to me and we sailed through the exercise with minimal fuss.
On our search we hit the All Saints shop and I was, as always, truly blown away by their designs. This company have cracked it big time. Take a look at their website and I am sure you will agree. They have even gotten into homewares and That dress above really needs to be mine.
all saints dresses
all saints throws
all saints homewares


paris parfait said...

I agree Di - that dress has your name on it! xo

Kev - LG said...

There's nothing better than spending Sunday morning around Spitafields, getting a coffee from Leon and checking out the stalls. Glad your shopping hunt went well!