Tuesday, March 10, 2009

No No No

dualit toaster
I picked up a magazine in the supermarket today and as it was free I brought it home. It was quite good really but then I saw a comparison on these two toasters. They were saying that the toaster below at £44 was as good as a Dualit toaster. No No No it isn't, look at all those little buttons and settings just waiting to go wrong. I have had a Dualit toaster for years and it is still as good as the day I bought it because it just has a windy up timer and nothing else to go wrong and by the way Dualit are not paying me commision to say this.
cheap toaster


Jan said...

I had wondered if they are worth it.
Thanks for the review.
Do you have a matching Dualit Dab radio?
They look cool. But I'd probably get confused as to which was which, well my other half certainly would anyway, so better not risk it:)

p.s. thanks for the comment!

ArtShades said...

Funny, I saw the picture of the Dualit and the words no, no, no above and felt all defensive! I love my retro cream Dualit (mainly for its looks it has to be said), my only gripe is I wish it had two wider slots so my hot cross buns wouldn't get squashed! An 8-year old visitor looked at it the other day and said 'your toaster is a bit weird, why does it look so old-fashioned?' ... I've chuckled each morning since!

ParisBreakfasts said...

It's so true.
Too many bells and whistles will get you NO WHERE!!!
If it ain't broke bla bla bla