Monday, March 16, 2009

Cooking In French

Cooking In French
Corine of Hidden in France, that blog that always makes me laugh out loud, has started giving French Cookery Lessons in her home but it doesn't stop there, she does them in French. How cool is that. See, you can take the girl out of France but can never take France out of the girl.
She also has a blog - Cooking In French - with delicious recipes. - here, go now, it's an order!
Cooking In French


corine said...

Thank you Di!

Someone left an anonymous comment on my blog saying the design of my card was hideous and that i obviously knew nothing about design. I wanted to respond, "yeah B#tch, but YOU try teaching cooking and French at the same time :-D"

Helen-LG said...

What a great idea! Learn a new language and a new dish at the same time. Although I've never been that good at either so I'd probably struggle..!