Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Vote For Your Favourite Design Bloggers

most influential design bloggers of 2008
If you go to Home Rejuvenation right here you can use 5 votes to vote for, who you think, are the most influential design bloggers of 2008.
I am on the list but you don't have to vote for me I won't be offended.
NOTE: 3 of you voters will be picked at random to receive a Free 1 Year Subscription To Wallpaper* Magazine. I buy it and it is seriously good.


paris parfait said...

Did that. You're top of my list! xo

ParisBreakfasts said...

I tried I really did but I couldn't see where to vote and so many names and many complaining about the list...
Really i think you deserve better ma dear
Anyway I'm giving you me vote in person!
What could be better :)

Gillian said...

You got my vote.
So did Bhavna.
Good luck! You have an excellent chance in my humble opinion.