Monday, September 22, 2008

Spirit Candles

spirit candle at wrapables
I just love these Spirit Candles for sale over at Wrapables. Just burn the candle and these spooky figures appear, then you have a sculpture to keep.
Now wouldn't they look good with my Ghost Furniture?


Country French Antiques said...

Boo tiful!
Would be great with your furniture!

paris parfait said...

Ooh, these are beautiful! And yes, the perfect accompaniment to Ghost Furniture. By the way, I have more things for you the next time you're over. I've been clearing space with a vengeance! :)

rochambeau said...

Let's light a candle for our world.
May there be peace on earth!
May our hearts remain open!
May we be healed!
Let the spirits dance and surround us with their wisdom and positive energy!!!

Oh YES!!


rochambeau said...

YES indeed!!!
these are SO ghost!

Helen-LG said...

Wow, what a fantastic idea! They look gorgeous, I might have to order some...