Tuesday, September 23, 2008

It Makes You Want To Scream

This blog is reserved for beautiful, innovative and inspiring things but at the moment it's sort of embarrassing to only do those sort of posts. People all over world are reeling from economies taking a nose dive, banks closing or being taken over and tax payers having to take the brunt of it all whilst the people who caused it get off scot-free, some even being rewarded.
I watched a programme last night about 1968 and how events that happened that year changed the world. Now the majority of people only think about celebrity and don't get off their butts to try and make that sort of change again.
I remember 1968 vividly, bad things happened but good came out of it. Stand up and be counted because this ain't going to get better on its own.
The image above is of my grandson Billy - I just hope it gets better for his sake.
I would love to hear your comments.


paris parfait said...

Amen! If only more people would stand up and be counted - too many people never look up to notice. They're too busy watching "reality" shows on television, while the world crumbles around them. Love the image of Billy!

Rethabile said...

What Tara sez. Nice blog, Di.

Ashley said...

I agree! And as an American, I feel particularly shamed at our government. Everywhere people are mad, and finally we're getting mad enough to start throwing fits, which will hopefully spark some positive change!

vicki archer said...

Bravo for saying that.
I agree we can't focus on the pretty all the time.

rochambeau said...

Me TOO baby!!
It couldn't have been put more to the point!!
You set us straight.
Thank you Di!!

corine @ Hidden In France said...

As an optimist, I'm thinking, maybe that's what it will take. It will take real fear for people to start rebelling and begin to see the errors made. We have been too comfortable and have let things go to shreds with our inaction.

My Castle in Spain said...

you're voicing a general feeling. "embarrassed" is what i felt recently when posting about a beautiful Spanish house while i was doing a translation on the subprime mess. I live in a small village in Andalucia where work is scarce. We now reached 75% unemployment in the building sector - the main activity sector - As a consequence of and an alternative to banks, some people in my village are (re)discovering the money system known as "wheel of abundance" or plane game which naturally is a total con game. I am curious to know if these kind of games are still existing in England.

sorry about the long post.

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A bird in the hand said...

You are so right! I've been asking too: Where is the spirit of 1968 that created so many changes? Sometimes I feel we've gone backwards into a sort of modern Dark Ages.