Thursday, September 11, 2008

A French Me

Carotte Bricole France
I found my French equivalent - Carotte Bricole. I actually think she is even more wacky than I am, I mean she even paints toilets.
These pieces are made by a very smiley French lady but I can't understand her site as it's all in French and Babelfish isn't playing ball with it. Anyway I love her stuff.
Carotte Bricole France
Carotte Bricole France
Carotte Bricole France
Carotte Bricole France


ParisBreakfasts said...

do I hear the word "French"??
I would love to write on my walls if my handwriting was matter how much I practice though :(

Carotte said...

I am Carotte Bricole and i'm happy to see that you enjoy my "stuff".
My English is not really good but i'll try to communicate!!!
Thanks to speak about my "worke"!! I will speak about yours this evening in my blog. I'm glad to see that Internet allowed us to get in touch with each others! (thanks to the Reverso Dictionnary!!!).
See you soon....

corine @ Hidden In France said...

Love the toilet seat and the boot/lamp. But sorry Di, there cannot be two of you. There is only one like you. You are way too unique to be compared to anyone,

sex said...
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