Thursday, September 11, 2008

Cheap As Chips But Fabulously French

Baucis et Philemon
How does this person do it? The prices on this site - Baucis et Philemon, which is actually a blog, are unbelievable. It is based in France I suppose. As you can tell I am impressed.
Baucis et Philemon
14 Euros
Baucis et Philemon
35 Euros
Baucis et Philemon
45 Euros
Baucis et Philemon
69 Euros
Baucis et Philemon
70 Euros
Can you believe this is a UK computer and has no Euro symbol - disgraceful.


Helen-LG said...

I have no euro symbol either... It's not an old keyboard, weird eh?

Those prices are very good aren't they? Thanks for the lead Di!

Chris said...

Maybe it's beacause U still got the £ and didn't accept €!? Haha! (By the way, we didn't either in Sweden) My old keyboard has it as U see. Tried all the keys? Mine: Alt Gr and E. Good Night/Morning, Chris

Freshly Found said...

I love her work! Quirky is always good for me!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your post! As you supposed I'm French. I'm glad you appreciate my work, and the prices are reals!
PS: Sorry for my bad english,
Hope you're great,

Corinne de Baucis et Philémon