Friday, August 01, 2008

Snippets and Teasers From London

Well here I am back from London and now in the wilds of Northumberland but what an amazing 4 days I have spent. Here are some snippets and teasers to show just what I will have for you next week and into the week after. These places were so good that each one will have a days postings dedicated to them.
few and far
tshirt patisserie
luna and curious
comfort station




Country French Antiques said...

Can't wait!!!
Do you have to tease us like this?

Siddiq said...

where is it in London? Oxford street?

Mélanie said...

thank you for sharing your trip with us !It seems you had fun !

Octavine Illustration said...

each place is more romantic than the next...i especially love the name cabbages & roses. sounds like a lovely trip.

poppy said...

yes - i look forward to this too!

Sea Angels said...

Hello Di It looks like you have had a great visit to London, it will be fun to look through your eyes over the coming posts, to see all the wonderful things that you have enjoyed. I am glad to be back again, thankyou, and I am so looking forward to the christmas fair.
Hugs Lynn xx

cityfarmer said...

I'm thinking I am digging the Bohemian Style on your sidebar...I just bought a book called "The New Eighteenth Century Style"....I am thinking you'd love it....

rochambeau said...

Welcome home Di!
Looks like you and Charlotte had SO MUCH FUN together!! You tease us with these photos! Luna & Curious and T.Shirt Patisserie look especially EXCITING to me!!
I'm already inspired by the French maid's style apron!! Oui, oui!!
YES of course!! It would be my great pleasure for you to feature the Royal Medallions!


paris parfait said...

All that in four days??!! Can't wait for more pics and details! Looking forward to seeing you later this month - and please bring the van, because you are taking so many things home w/ you. :) xoxox

ParisBreakfasts said...

STOP teasing!!!
Now what & where is this T-shirt patisserie????
Oh help!