Friday, June 06, 2008

Let Me Introduce You To Daylesford Organic

daylesford organic
Yesterday in my Cool Office and Shop Interiors post I tempted you with an image of Bamford Barn home of Daylesford Organic. Now this is one seriously cool UK company. OK so the owner is Carol Bamford who just happens to be married to Sir Anthony Bamford owner of JCB the digger firm but this should not take away from her her innate sense of style.
Daylesford Organic is the poshest farm shop in the world. The customers read like the red carpet at a big movie premier.
To see just how seriously stylish this farm shop, and its numerous other outlets around the poshest areas of London, is go to this page and click on the links below Shops and Cafes. My God they are even in Harvey Nichols.
daylesford organics
daylesford organic
daylesford organic


corine said...

Posh is right. It's almost too perfect for an organic anything. Serious money myst have ben put into this marvel.

rochambeau said...

Hi Di,
Beautiful and Grand!
I've never heard the term: "Farm Shop" that just refers to where it is right?


Natalie Galitzine said...

What an amazing blog! :o) So many many many beautiful and inspiring things! Thank you :o)


industrialpoppy said...

A beautiful shop, indeed!

Christopher said...

I am obsessed with this shop in London. I just visited their new store in Notting Hill -- opened three weeks ago.

Do you know anything about the interior design? What materials they use (the wood board walls, flooring, the counter chairs, counter tops)? Do you know who leads their design team?

sex said...
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