Thursday, June 05, 2008

Cool Office and Shop Interiors

Just a collection of office and shop interiors for you to take a look at.
di overton's diner
I designed this diner in our offices when we had the advertising agency. It is based on the Empire Diner in New York. It was fully equipped - popcorn makers, jukebox etc.
di overton's office
Again our offices. We bought these mobile offices from Germany. They had telephone & internet connection built in. The whole thing just plugged into the mains and they were on wheels so you could move the whole thing anywhere you wanted. They were locked each night and each even had it's own post box. Clever those Germans!
studio ilse office london
These are the offices of Studio Ilse in London. Looks a bit like my lounge as I have the same staircase.
architects office tokyo
Stunning architects office in Tokyo. The floors look like glass.
Bamford Barn
This is Bamford Barn home of Daylsford Organics, more of which I will tell you about tomorrow.


tracey said...

Germans are very clever - married to one! Love the mobile cubicles; I can even see one in a small space to separate home and office. Asthetically- LOVE the architects' office in Tokyo.

Mélanie said...

I love the 2 last spaces ! You saw I had tagged you before having telling you !
I'm sorry you already had 3 tags ...YOU ARE TOO FAMOUS , that's why and because we want to know more about you, my dear

paris parfait said...

Seriously clever offices you had!

helen morris said...

I want that diner!

sex said...
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