Thursday, May 01, 2008

Oh Give Me a Break

stupid bath
When I go in the bath I like to relax not think about how much water I used and what I am doing to the planet - so leave me alone Flore de Crombrugghe (who thought this up).
Anyway my water comes from a spring up the hill and it rains more than enough up here.


Anonymous said...

I am an african and I adore your blog. Your taste is exquisite and you seem to have such an inquisitive mind.... Where I live the average person has a bath with one bucket of water and relaxing rarely comes into the equation. I understand that the issues of climate change are a drag and a bore for a lot of people in the west but please remember those who struggle daily for very little so that others can have a lot...Your blog spreads so much beauty and I hope it will continue to do so.

Graphics Deluxe said...

lol now thats funny if i had a tub like that it would bother me to take baths because "im wasting water" lol

babelfish said...

But this is cool, don't you think?