Thursday, February 28, 2008

Photographic Locations and Pink Champagne

greenhaugh hall
I went awol yesterday as we had to do some photography for the new Ghost Furniture pieces. We are so lucky to have 2 lovely friends locally who own a big Victorian Hall (above). We spent the afternoon photographing furniture in their amazingly massive reception hall.
Angie & Bob then presented us with a fabulous lunch and when we finished and packed up all the furniture, camera and lights we sat next to a roaring fire and drank Pink Champagne.
Now that's friendship for you!
If you have no friends like these then Tattersall Love (below) can sort something out for you but you will have to pay and will not, I guess, get lunch and Pink Champagne
By the way - today my head hurts.
NEWSFLASH - Harvey got the Blue Screen of Death on his computer this morning so we may have lost all the images. A hangover and no pictures could be the outcome. Oh well worse things happen at sea as they say.
Tattersall Love photographic locations

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paris parfait said...

Hope you didn't lose those images! Sounds like you had fun during the shoot. Anything culminating with champagne can't be too bad. xo