Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Dedicating Today To Those Who Make My Day

The lovely Corine said this about me - She is funny and full of life, because she is better than I am at discovering French designers, and because she is unconcerned with trends, only her own inimitable voice - isn't that nice?
Corine writes Hidden in France and I am blown away that a French woman thinks this about me without me paying her to say so :)
I apparently Make Corine's Day and get to give the same award to 5 other blogs. Well always being a great one for breaking the rules I have to give 7 blogs my awards and here they are (imagine I am opening one of those Gold Envelopes)
Here are my choices with the reasons why THEY MAKE MY DAY

Paris Parfait- Tara is an educated, talented, stylish and generous person who I am proud to call a friend. We have visited each others houses, met each others partners and found we all had much in common.
She has the most amazing knowledge of politics and I wish she would write a book about her adventurous life - or maybe she is???
In March the Ham Fair (a fabulous brocante) is to take place in Paris. Last October Tara and I spent a fabulous if rainy day there together and this year I can't make it but I know Tara will give us all the best ever guided tour of the Fair and make us all feel we have been with her every step of the way.

Tongue in Cheek - Corey Amaro is one of those people you come across only once in your life. A deeply religious woman with a great respect for us non-religious people. She never stands in judgement, is honest, caring, funny and has the most stylish house I have ever seen.
Over a year ago she invited me down to Southern France to visit the local brocantes with her as my guide. As yet we have not met but we will and I can't wait.
At the moment she is in California staying with her family whilst her Father is very ill but she still posts each day on her fabulous blog. I am sure any of you who know her will send good thoughts to her and her family at this most difficult time.

My Marrakesh - Maryam is a woman I so admire. She is, with her talented architect husband, developing the most amazing guest houses in Marrakesh. She writes with wit and brings exotic delights to us each day. I am making sure that I am going to be one of her first guests and we are going to make a Ghost Moroccan Table together so watch this space.

Crust Station - I have a feeling that one day I will be saying - I knew her before she was famous. This young lady has the most amazing design awareness. She is training as a Graphic Designer and if I still had my Ad Agency I would employ her. I can see with every post that she is developing and learning at an amazing rate.
I love to watch young designers develop and her vast knowledge will take her a very long way - I would put money on it.

Paris Breakfasts - This crazy New Yorker makes me laugh like a drain. She rang me one day and she talks at one hundred miles per hour. I commissioned one of her wonderful water colours for our youngest daughter Charlotte who lives in Paris and it was great fun going through the process.
Carol sends me emails in New York speak which I love and try as we may we have never managed to meet in Paris even though we were both there at the same time last year. She went to a Baking Class or something and we just couldn't get it together - but we will one day I promise.

Rochambeau - Constance is like a ray of sunshine. She is creative, funny, generous and hugely talented. She made me a gorgeous bunch of grapes from vintage material and a twig after I sent her a picture of some marble ones I bought in Rome. They came beautifully wrapped with little fabric sachets, ribbons, cards and labels.
She sends me lovely compliments and thank you notes for posting something that she likes and even thanked me for inspiring her to make the bag (above) because I posted something about Fortuny having an online shop.

Ullabenulla - I reckon that Ulla has a brain the size of a small country. It is choc full of ideas and artist's names. She has the longest links list in history and creates some of the most amazing and different items from the strangest yet beautiful things.
She teaches at The Castle In The Air - I mean what more can I say.

OK you lot (above) - don't feel pressured because I know some of you have layouts that aren't conducive with this sort of thing but if you can here are the rules (don't worry I've already broken them)

1. Write a post with the links to 5 blogs that "make your day".
2. Acknowledge the post of the award giver.
3. Tell the award winners they won by commenting on their blogs


Parisbreakfasts said...

Waht does "laugh like a drain" mean pray tell?
I hope it is good...ahem
Erm...we say a hundred miles a minute over here..
Don't you have kilos or litres or some such odd thing.
I find your comments always witty and amusing and above the crowd.
Way above the crowd.
And your site is full of such wonders my mouth drops to the floor consistantly when I visit.

Ulla said...

Di! "the size of a small country"? oh my, if only...! You my dear, "make every day a pleasure and treat for me"! Thank you so much for the award, and for being such a wonderful cyber friend! and for adding me along with those other FAMOUS women... I am honored and touched! Big California Hugs to you!!!!

paris parfait said...

Oh my! You HAVE made my day, Di! But then you always are a ray of sunshine, even in the midst of a deluge! I love your wicked sense of humour and how you always say exactly what you think. Thank you so much for the delightful kudos. (I thought you knew I'm writing a book - well two, actually). And you might be missing the spring brocante and ham fair, but I'm sure you'll make time to come to the fall one. We still have to go to RE and find a house! :) Merci bien, mon cher ami! xoxox

Anonymous said...

You just made my day Di!
Thank you so much for the award and for for being YOU! A woman who is seeking and sharing the beautiful, the unusual, the exotic! You inspire me with your finds and your humor. I'll never forget those shoes with the blond braids. You made me cry I laughed so hard. Thanks again. It means a lot particularly on this day, especially from You!


Maryam in Marrakesh said...

Aw, Di, you are the sweetest!!! I love every single blog you awarded -- I am so happy to be in such fabulous and stylish company.

And I am waiting with *much* anticipation for your trip out to Peacock Pavilions. I suspect it will be like hanging out with a long lost friend:)

kenju said...

I *know* three of them and I will definitely check out the others.

Anonymous said...

Oh my gawd, This is going to take a very long coffee break to visit everyone, but it looks well worth it. Oh, message to Paris Breakfast 'laughing like a drain' is good. It makes a gurgling sound! Hx

blah said...

Di, you have chosen some of my very favorites :-) starting with the lovely Corine of whom I am the biggest fan and was so kind to me and encouraging when I was a new blog.

You have great taste in blogging friends :-)

Anonymous said...

Thank you SO So much for nominating me Di, you made my day! Your comments are more than flattering (I am *blushing*), if you have any work in the future I would jump at the chance of this opportunity.

Alice Regan said...

Wonderful post! I visit a few of the one's you mention. I'm off to visit the others!

Suzy said...

I'm a newbie blogger and this is a lovely idea. I'm off to write about my top 5!