Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Armani's Secret Sale

armani store in milan
One thing I found out about Milan is that it is not geared to tourists. Everything seems to be a great secret. I had to run up an alleyway to ask someone in an Armani Junior shop to tell me where the big Armani Store was.
On finding the store and with much excitement, for as you know this man is my hero, I entered the shop and of course bought 2 wonderful tops. When I got to the cash desk the total amazed me by being much lower than I had expected. Each item had 70% off. Nowhere in that shop, on the rails on even on the items did it mention a sale of any kind.
Now I know Armani is big on minimalism but that was crazy (also wonderful).
Below are 2 cushions that I fell in love with _ can they lock you up for that?
armani store in milan


paris parfait said...

What a delightful surprise - Armani at a 70 percent discount! xo

ParisBreakfasts said...

I HEART sales in ITaly!!!